I do not want to blog…

At one time I felt that I wanted to become a blogger until I realized it required that I sit still in one place for a length of time that usually exceeded the amount of time and attention I was willing to give to one task. If I was indulging in my favorite mindless activities then that was TOTALLY  a horse of another color. After a  year and a half of running away from blogging I ran smack into blogging this morning. So, this is what happened. I was supporting my dear friend who has written a blog. I wanted  to “be the first to like” the blog and was forced into setting up an account. Before I knew it  BAM here we are. Lesson; you can run from purpose but you will eventually find that you have run in a circle  – back where you are supposed to be.

I do not want to blog. Instead of blogging I felt I needed to be doing something like, taking some action to further my station in life, or creating something from nothing, I mean doing anything but sitting at a keyboard banging out my random thoughts. In the past I have shared my thoughts in a random rant simply to get the thoughts out of my head and to restore my personal balance but a full time blog was not what I had in mind. I do not want to blog because have difficulty staying focused. If a thought comes to mind, off I go. Gauwd forbid I have an interruption, it takes forever to focus again. With the energy it takes for me to get focused, I could put toward starting something else. Proof positive that creativity is always at work in me.

I do not want to blog. Who has time to read blogs anyhow? In reality I do. I read so many blogs about different products and events that have assisted or guided my own thoughts and decisions. I am inspired by and subscribe to business/entrepreneur blogs and support my dear friends who write blogs.

I will blog. I now admire the work, time and discipline it takes to blog. Writing this blog post has become an accomplishment. All of my above excuses have been challenged. I have successfully survived forty four thousand interruptions and have managed to stay focused finishing this post in one sitting. I can see promise in this activity of blogging. It is purposeful and allows me to activity and willingly participate in my purpose and calling.

To let you in on a little secret; Obedience is better than sacrifice. Pride goes before the fall. Do what the Almighty has called you to do the first time you hear the call. A hard head makes for a soft behind. If all else fails, do what your mother told you to do.